Dr. Paul Boyce Speaks with WebMD about Whooping Cough

Dr. Paul Boyce speaks with WebMD about the importance of Whooping Cough vaccinations. Protect yourself and protect others from this very contagious disease by getting vaccinated.

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Breathing Easy: Running with Asthma

Click here to read an article written by Dr. Silverboard that was featured in the April 2018 issue of Wingfoot Magazine by the Atlanta Track Club where he discusses running with asthma, how the allergens in Atlanta can impact an asthmatic runner's routine, and when it is okay to run asthma symptoms.

Altitude Sickness

Click here to read an Q&A article Atlanta Medicine featured with Dr. Chaudhry about altitude sickness. His insights on how altitude affects the lungs and ways that individuals with lung conditions can prepare for high altitude travel are included.

Innovations in Interventional Pulmonology

Click here to read Dr. Lakshminarayanan's article in Atlanta Medicine about how interventional pulmonology procedures allow physicians less-invasive ways of diagnosing and treating a variety of lung diseases.

Dr. Boyce Speaks with WebMD about COPD Breathing Exercises

Dr. Paul Boyce speaks with WebMD about reccommended breathing exercises to help with the symptoms of COPD including pursed lip breathing, diaphragmatic breathing and posture changes.

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2015 Castle Connolly Top Docs Award

Dr. Howard Silverboard and Dr. Stephanie Eaton were selected by Castle Connolly as Top Doctors in the field of Pulmonary Disease. This award recognizes outstanding physicians in their medical specialties.

Healthgrades Care Pulmonary Excellence Award

For the second consecutive year, Northside Hospital-Atlanta is the recipient of the Healthgrades Pulmonary Care Excellence Award™. This award recognizes hospitals for superior outcomes in treating COPD and pneumonia.

Top Docs Radio

Dr. Howard Silverboard spoke on Top Docs radio with his colleagues from the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute on lung cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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