Howard Silverboard, MD

Howard Silverboard, MD

Castle Connolly Top Doctor | 2016, 2017, 2018

Howard Silverboard, MD joined our practice in 2003 after completing his Residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Internal Medicine. Dr. Silverboard graduated from medical school at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas in Austin. He is presently the Medical Director of Thoracic Oncology at the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. Within this role, he champions cancer prevention and education, lung cancer screening, and “state of the art” diagnostics and treatment. Other clinical interests include COPD/Emphysema, Asthma, and clinical research.


2000 - 2003 Emory University School of Medicine

Fellowship in Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine
Chief Pulmonary Fellow, 2002-03

1998 - 2000 Emory University School of Medicine

Residency in Internal Medicine
Recipient, Outstanding Teaching Resident Award 2000-02

1997 - 1998 The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Internship in Internal Medicine

1993 - 1997 University of Alabama at Birmingham

Doctor of Medicine
Tinsley Harrison Honorary Society, 1995-97

1988 - 1992 University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Arts, History


Pulmonary and Critical Care of Atlanta, 2003 - Present

St. Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta, 2003 - 2013

Medical Staff, Northside Hospital, 2003 - Present


Diplomate, Critical Care Medicine, 2004 - Present

Diplomate, Pulmonary Diseases, 2003 - Present

Diplomate, Internal Medicine, 2000 - Present

Medical License, State of Georgia, 1998 - Present


Medical Director, Thoracic Oncology, Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, 2012 - Present

Critical Care Committee, Northside Hospital, 2005 - Present


Blood Utilization Review Committee, SJH, 2004 - 2006

Chair of Critical Care Medicine, SJH, 2010 - 2012

Hospital Ethics Committee, SJH, 2004 - 2006

Medical Director, Respiratory Therapy Department, SJH, 2006 - 2011


Society of Critical Care Medicine

American Thoracic Society

American College of Chest Physicians


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An international, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, parallel, placebo-controlled Phase 3 study of versus placebo in adult patients with early stage severe sepsis. March 2003-January 2005.
Role: Sub Investigator.

A Phase 3, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, comparative study of the efficacy and safety of vs Imipenem/Cilastatin for the treatment of subjects with nosocomial pneumonia. June 2004-present.
Role: Principal Investigator.

A randomized, multinational, multicenter, parallel group, double-blind, control group study for in patients with pneumonia or aspiration of gastric contents leading to intubation, mechanical ventilation, and severe oxygenation impairment. March 2004-present.
Role: Principal Investigator

A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, dose ranging, multicenter study of the safety and efficacy of three days continuous intravenous infusion of in the treatment of suspected or confirmed gram-negative severe sepsis in adults. October 2004-present.
Role: Sub Investigator.

Promoting global research excellence in severe sepsis: An international observational study among severe sepsis patients in the intensive care unit. May 2004-present.
Role: Principal Investigator.

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of prophylactic heparin in patients with severe sepsis and higher disease severity who are undergoing treatment with. December 2003-present.
Role: Principal Investigator.

A Phase 3, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to determine the efficacy and safety of in critically ill anemic subjects.
Role: Principal Investigator.

A Phase 4, randomized, double-blind, multi-center, comparator study evaluating the safety and efficacy of compared to IV Midazolam in ICU subjects requiring greater than twenty-four hours of continuous sedation.
Role: Principal Investigator.


Gail - Lung Cancer Survivor

In September 2011, I was at the doctor’s office when I collapsed. A CAT scan from the day before had revealed a clot in my lung, but I never got to tell my husband because I needed emergency open heart surgery.

Lung cancer runs in my family. Three months after I had open heart surgery, I had surgery to remove my lower lobe and I was told I wouldn’t need additional treatment.

In May 2012, my husband recommended I go see Dr. Silverboard, who asked for a PET scan and found five aggressive tumors. Dr. Silverboard explained everything clearly and provided me with treatment choices. He is a phenomenal man and a doctor I trust.

In January 2015, I started to feel like there was something stuck in my chest. Dr. Silverboard again was able to take care of me when other doctors couldn’t figure out what was happening. He recommended that I meet with Dr. Bordoni and Dr. Williams, who both took the time to explain that the cancer was spreading rapidly and recommended treatments.

I’ve battled lung cancer for four and a half years, undergoing a series of scans, chemotherapy and radiation treatments and hospital stays. In August 2015, Dr. Bordoni put me on a new treatment drug called Optivo. Since December 2015, my tumors have shrunk and I’ve had no new growths. I consider myself cancer free and credit that to Dr. Silverboard’s, Dr. Bordoni’s and Dr. Williams’ expertise and care, along with support from my family and colleagues. I am definitely one of the lucky ones to have been blessed with such wonderful and caring physicians.

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