Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing

Cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET) is a comprehensive assessment of cardiopulmonary function during exercise.

CPET uses a combination of blood pressure monitoring, spirometry, continuous electrocardiogram and exhaled gas analysis to help diagnose a patient’s breathing difficulty—from unexplained shortness of breath to asthma induced exercise in athletes. CPET is more comprehensive than a standard stress test, allowing doctors to see which organ is causing the patient issues, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

CPET can be also be used with athletes or anyone else to help diagnose or receive medical clearance for any underlying cardiac or pulmonary conditions. It’s important when assessing an athlete to have doctors that understand the differences in expected outcomes for an athlete versus a non-athlete.

Dr. Abubakr Chaudry and Dr. Paul Boyce are both physicians who enjoy participating in a variety of sports and understand the role exercise plays in attaining the best quality of life possible. Together they have partnered with the Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute’s Sports Medicine experts to provide athletes with cutting-edge data showing how to optimize their athletic performance.

To learn more about CPET, please speak to your pulmonologist to see if it’s right for you.

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