Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis (CF) care has transformed in the last few years. Although a cure for CF remains elusive, people living with CF now have the opportunity to live long, healthy and normal lives. As part of a comprehensive patient care team, our CF specialists, alongside a team of Northside Network Providers, can help optimize your lung function, reduce symptoms and improve your overall quality of life. Being in the Northside Network allows a seamless coordination with Northside Hospital and other necessary specialists to get you diagnostic tests and treatments you require without delay. We promise to offer you a personal, holistic service with providers who know you and your medical history.

Pulmonary & Critical Care of Atlanta understands that your circumstances are unique and it’s important to us to work with you and your family in finding a personal treatment plan that meets your health goals. We follow evidence-based care for all of our CF patients and offer consistent, regular follow-up care every three months for a wellness-check. These regular follow-up appointments, in-office or virtual, will help you keep your symptoms and complications to a minimum and allow for quicker evaluation and treatments when you experience changes in your symptoms.

Our goals in treatment of your CF include:

  • Preserving your lung function with the latest generation CFTR modulators
  • Controlling and preventing lung infections
  • Loosening/removing mucus from the lungs
  • Preventing and treating intestinal blockages in liaison with Northside Network Providers
  • Maintaining adequate nutrition through Northside Nutrition Services
  • Management of CF related diabetes (CFRD)

Part of your treatment might include outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation. The benefits of rehab can be long-lasting because:

  • You will learn techniques that can help loosen mucus and improve breathing
  • Learn exercises that can help you maintain and even improve your CF
  • Improve functional lung capacity
  • Provide a supportive environment for you and your family

If you experience any changes in your symptoms, please call the office immediately, so we can get you seen promptly and reduce the chances of having to be admitted to the hospital.

To schedule an appointment with our cystic fibrosis specialists, call 404-257-0006.

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