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My journey with Dr. L begins in February 2016 after a CAT scan determined I probably had lung cancer. Because my internist, who ordered the CAT scan, had great experiences with Pulmonary & Critical Care of Atlanta in the past, he gave them a call immediately and got me scheduled to see Dr. L fairly quick. I was very glad they were able to accommodate me on such short notice.

Once I visited Dr. L., I knew he was the perfect doctor for me. He is very personable and works to find the root of the problem, leaving no stone unturned. Dr. L performed a fine needle biopsy, a procedure only a few specially trained doctors performed at the time, confirming the diagnosis of Squamous Cell Lung Cancer in the upper lobe of my right lung. The good news was that my cancer was caught early and appeared have minimal to no lymph node involvement.

As a former smoker and a self-described pragmatist, I understood a lung cancer diagnosis was always a possibility, but now it had become a reality. After conversations with Dr. L, I knew my cancer was treatable and between my strong personal faith and Dr. L’s confidence in treatment, I knew it was a done deal and I would beat cancer. He was very reassuring during every step of the way, which helped make the whole process a little easier for me.

Dr. L’s office help set up an appointment with the surgeon who removed my upper right lobe. He picked a great surgeon, and I am appreciative of his guidance in my cancer journey. I know Dr. L chose this surgeon because of his skill-set, but as Dr. L and I were getting to know each other better, I feel like he chose this surgeon because he knew we would be of like minds and that as a team of three, it would be pretty heard to deny anything other than total success. And I’m thrilled to report it was! In the end, I had my upper right lobe removed and the lymph node biopsies indicated no further spread! I was thankful that this meant no chemotherapy and no radiation—just post-op CAT scans that show my lungs are “crystal clear.”

While I would have rather not had lung cancer, I am thankful that I was able to meet and work with Dr. L. I feel like I have gotten to know him beyond his MD designation and know that he, of course, is an excellent physician, but also a person who cares deeply for each of his patients. This is just as important to me as his clinical/research skills. I am old enough to be his father, but I feel much more like a brother to him and am thankful for the opportunity to be his patient. I even interacted with other doctors at PCCA and have the same feelings from them—they genuinely care for you and your family. You do not get that kind of care and involvement everywhere! The front office staff and the nurses in the office are always friendly, efficient and willing to address and question or concern you have. I would recommend this group, and Dr. L, to anyone who was looking for a pulmonologist.

Once I visited Dr. L., I knew he was the perfect doctor for me. He is very personable and works to find the root of the problem, leaving no stone unturned.

David Parker

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